7XM: The Number One Online Casino in the Philippines Today

7xm online casino in the Philippines

Online casino is considered the fastest-growing form of gambling in the world.  According to a report issued by the American Gaming Association (AGA), nearly 3,000 Internet gambling sites offer wagering on sports, casino games, poker, bingo, lottery, and other games.

Based on the data from PAGCOR, there are a total of 50 operational casinos in the Philippines as of 2017 – of which 27 are exclusively owned and operated by PAGCOR, 14 are co-owned and operated by PAGCOR through joint ventures, and 9 are privately owned and operated casinos.

7xm.com online casino in the Philippines

At present, the casino industry of the Philippines is on the rise and is hoping to become a major player regionally and even globally. Among the many online casinos, 7XM believes to be the number 1 online casino in the Philippines for several factors like:

a. The reputation of the company;

b. Security Features;

c. Customer Services and Support;

d. Game Variety;

e. Casino Bonuses and Loyalty Programs.

This article explains in detail these 5 factors that conclude why 7XM is considered the number one online casino in the Philippines.  Keep on scrolling so you will discover.

Here we go.

1. Reputation of the company

7XM online casino as a company was established in 2006.  Since its foundation, it has quickly developed its brand and reputation as the market leader in the global online gaming industry.   The brand was founded with the principles of trust and credibility at its core.  It defines the character of the company’s activities to this day.

7xm-top online casino in the Philippines

As the number one online casino in the Philippines, 7XM has consistently demonstrated a clear focus on enriching the player’s gaming experiences. It proudly offers a wide variety of online gaming brands.  Each brand provides its own unique, entertaining and exciting range of games, opportunities, prizes, and much more.  This is the reason why 7XM is labeled as an award-winning online gambling provider.

2. Security Features

7XM, the number one online casino in the Philippines, runs its casinos under the Philippines gaming license issued by the PAGCOR.  The PAGCOR is an independent regulatory body that makes sure that online casino in the Philippines adhere to the practices and regulations that apply to online casinos.

That implies that they follow the most rigorous practices when it comes to player protection and responsible gaming and that their players are protected by the law.  Therefore, players are safe to play at 7XM. 

They also got a tech team that monitors 24/7 non-stop all year.  These tech teams adhere to the highest security standards and implement them in every area of their activity.  With the use of the leading programs and protocols in this field.  They ensure the safety and integrity of all personal information at all times.

7xm no.1 online casino in the Philippines

3. Customer Services and Support

7xm online casino cs

Along with other online casino in the Philippines, 7XM online casino has a dedicated customer service and support team that addresses customer issues and resolves them in a timely and efficient manner 24/7. Their support reps interact with customers on a variety of channels such as phone, email, and social media, and ensure that all valid customer concerns are being dealt with immediately. By helping customers understand the product and answering questions about their reservations, they are sometimes seen as having a role in sales.

4. Game Variety

7XM, the number one online casino in the Philippines, provides a wide range of games.  Let’s list them one by one.

a. Live Casino

7xm live casino in the Philippines

Live casinos are fully online casino in the Philippines where players can play popular games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat. Here, real dealers, real action, and real winnings. This is the closest you will get to a real casino.

Roulette is a game of chance. It uses a spinning wheel with either 37 or 38 numbered pockets. The roulette wheel is spun one way and the ball is sent the other way. Place chips on your favorite numbers and see if Lady Luck is on your side.

Blackjack is a matching game, where you only need to improve the dealer’s cards. You’ll want to beat the dealer with the fewest cards possible, but the most important thing is to get as close to 21 as possible. Get as close as possible to a total of 21, but be careful not to break yourself.

7xm-1-online casino in the Philippines

Baccarat is played between players with a web-based casino interface similar to an online poker room. Once the player has passed the next betting round, it is now time for the player to place their bet. These bets are called “bets”. Step up to the Baccarat table and test your skills.

b. Slot Games

7xm online casino in the Philippines slot

Online slot games are computerized versions of the classic fruit machines you find in an online casino in the Philippines. In the online versions of these favorite games, there are additional features such as wild symbols and scatter symbols, as well as interactive bonus rounds and much more.

With a simple format and fun features, online slots offer a relaxed and low-pressure gaming experience. There are many games to choose from, you will always find the way you like. Each game has its instructions, so even if you’ve never played slots online before, you’ll quickly understand which symbols to look out for and how the pay lines work.

Many online slots have free spin rounds where you can spin the reels without risking your money and exciting features that offer you more chances to win cash prizes.

c. Card Games (PVP)

7xm online casino in the Philippines cards

A card game is a computer or video game that emulates a collectible card game and is usually played online or occasionally as a standalone video game.

At 7XM, the number one online casino in the Philippines, they pride themselves on their unique software and approach to online gaming. Card games are stand-alone poker software, so you only play against other real players.

Their offerings are some of the best you will find anywhere. With daily poker promotions and poker satellites, anyone from a beginner to a professional can enjoy serious winnings with them.

d. Lotto Games

7xm online casino in the Philippines lotto

Lotto Game means the Lottery game in which a player selects numbers from a larger predetermined set or set of numbers.

7XM, the number one online casino in the Philippines, provides rich and interesting gameplay such as single, duplex, and direct selection to make lottery buying more interesting. You can choose different gameplay to buy lottery tickets.

Single. Single betting is the most basic betting method, that is, the buyer directly selects a certain number of numbers to form a lottery ticket according to the rules of the corresponding lottery.

Duplex. Compared to single betting, multiple betting refers to a betting method where the buyer chooses more than the number of regular lottery numbers when buying a lottery ticket and forms a betting group. Numbers beyond the specified number are adjusted and included in multiple lottery tickets according to the specified number of winning numbers. As the chance of winning increases, the betting amount will increase accordingly.

Direct Selection. This means that the number chosen is the same as the lottery number and in the same order to win the prize.

Group Selection. Number types other than direct selection are called group selection. The number selected by the group may differ in position and order from the winning numbers, but the numbers must be the same to win a prize.

Chase Number. This refers to the purchase of the same forecast number for multiple consecutive periods, after a member starts a task, the system will automatically purchase forecast numbers for multiple consecutive periods as required by the task. Vientiane provides three types of tracking numbers: same-time tracking, double, and profit rate tracking.

e. Fishing Games

7xm online fishing game

A fishing game is an interactive game where gamers choose their denomination before taking each shot when starting the video game. The stakes can be enhanced as players select various weapons to take on even larger fish in the sea.

You can choose from a variety of options at 7XM, the top online casino in the Philippines, including JL Fish, FGC Fish, CQ9 Fish, YL Fish, RSG Fish, FTG Fish, and MGS Fish.

f. Sport Games

7xm online casino sports

Do you like sports? If yes, good news. 7XM provides online sports games for you. Come to play with them.

As the top online casino in the Philippines, they offer all the international sporting events you could possibly want, including Esports (online gaming competition), Vitur Sports, and Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Boxing, Chess, Cycling, Darts, Golf, Handball, Horse Racing.

7xm online casino world cup

5. 7XM Bonuses & Promotions

7xm online casino promo

A 100% bonus is available on the first deposit at 7XM, the best online casino in the Philippines. Your first deposit is doubled there. A deposit of at least Php 100 will increase to Php 200. The maximum deposit is 200, which becomes 400 pesos. Prior to participating in this promotion, double check your account information and the phone number.

For SMS invitation players, they double your Php 200 deposit.  It’s very easy to win at 7XM just download the app and register.  Deposit Php50 to withdraw Php200 out of your bonus winnings.  Deposit Php200 to withdraw all the winnings including your deposit winnings.

They likewise grant 100 players a Raffle Daily for Download the App Promo!  You can win up to Php 200.  Just download the app and register.  Make sure to complete your account details and verify your phone number.  You can have 5x playthrough in Slots, all win cash can be withdrawn.  For 1 IP address and 1 personal and bank is equivalent to 1 raffle ticket.

Furthermore, here is more on what you need to get.

7xm online daily lucky draw

a. Daily Lucky red packets start at 6 PM, all players who deposited 200 or more in 1 day can join and get 1 red packet raffle ticket.  They are giving out a daily 100K bonus total.

b. Individuals can get a chance to win big prizes and iPhone 13 Pro Max with just a single deposit of Php 200.  A single deposit of Php 200 will get 1 raffle ticket. Promo runs from September 1-30, 2022.

c. Good news!  You can now deposit through these channels; Gcash, Grabpay, PayMaya, and Bank transfer.  For a faster deposit, enter the correct and registered Gcash name. Please contact Customer Service if it is entered incorrectly.  Make sure your bank/gcash name is the same as your 7XM account.

7xm online daily deposit

d. The withdrawal amount is up to 20 million daily.  The minimum amount of a single withdrawal is Php 200.  The maximum amount of withdrawal per transaction is Php 500,000.  The maximum amount of withdrawal per day is Php 20 Million.  Please complete the turnover requirement before withdrawal.  

In conclusion, 7XM is the number one online casino in the Philippines.  Its reputation, security features, customer services & support, game variety, and bonuses & promotions are beyond compare.  

7xm online casino master agent

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 7XM?

7XM is an online casino that opened its doors in 2006. As the market leader in the international online gaming industry, it has quickly established its brand and reputation. Today, it is regarded as the best online casino in the Philippines. Its main website is located at https://www.7xm.com.

Is 7XM online casino legit?

Yes. 7XM is a trustworthy online gaming site and now the top online casino in the Philippines. As a result, its players follow the strongest guidelines for responsible gaming and player protection, and they are safeguarded by the law.

Is 7XM online casino secure?

Yes. 7XM, the top online casino in the Philippines, has a committed tech team that monitors the situation all year long. They adhere to and consistently uphold the highest security requirements. They consistently ensure the security and privacy of personal information.

How many days can I check for my transaction record?

Within 30 days, you can view your transaction record.

Where can I find the game’s rules and instructions?

The appropriate game window will display the rules for you. Users are permitted to review the game’s rules.

How do I know the history of game results?

Depending on the gaming company, the display method varies, but you can check the history by selecting “Betting record” from the Members menu in the home menu to learn the game results’ history.

What will I do if the internet goes out when the game is being played?

They will initially look at the game history if you disconnect during or just before the game. The game will resume if it is cut off too soon upon logging in again. Contact them as soon as you can if you run into any issues.

Can I use my cellphone to play games?

Yes, you may use a smartphone to play slots online. You may either download the app, which is accessible for both Android and iOS devices or play their online casino games directly in your web browser.

Can I register 2 cards under my account?

Yes, you can register two cards to your account. However, each user account may only register one bank account. A single bank card cannot be shared by several individuals. Please get in touch with them if you want to delete or modify your bank information.

Is 7XM online casino safe?

Yes. The security of 7XM’s systems and applications is examined on a regular basis by outside security specialists as the top online casino in the Philippines. They also have an intrusion detection system that continuously scans network traffic for indications of attacks or intrusions.

Saving Tips

Watch out for the 6 PM Daily Lucky Draw. All players who deposited 200 or more in 1 day can join and get a red packet raffle ticket. A daily 100K bonus sum is awarded by 7XM, the top online casino in the Philippines. Join the promotion and make a deposit so that the bonus will be added to what you have already put down.

Get a 100% Bonus on Your First Deposit. The top online casino in the Philippines, 7XM, will match your initial deposit. The initial deposit of 100 pesos will increase to 200 pesos. The maximum deposit of 200 pesos will increase to 400 pesos. Before participating in this promotion, make sure your account information is accurate and your phone number is confirmed.

Join the 9.9 Mega Raffle Promo and get a chance to win Big Prizes and an iPhone13 Pro Max with just a single deposit of Php 200. A single deposit of Php 200 will get 1 raffle ticket. Promo runs from September 1-30, 2022 only!

Check out the Daily 100 Raffle Tickets for the App Download Promotion. For the Download the App promotion, 100 players will receive raffle tickets each day from 7XM, the top online casino in the Philippines. You may win up to 200 pesos. Simply download the app and sign up. Verify that your phone number is registered and that your account is complete. Slot machine wins may be cashed out after a 5x playthrough. Additionally, you are eligible for one lottery ticket for each IP address and each personal and financial detail.

Good news! Players can now deposit through these channels: Gcash; Grabpay; PayMaya; and Bank transfer. For a faster deposit, enter the correct and registered Gcash name. Make sure your bank/Gcash name is the same as your 7XM account.

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