Download 7XM APK only takes you 3 minutes, in this application, there are slot machines and many other casino games, such as fish games, baccarat, roulette, live dealer games, poker, sabong, boxing, and others.



This application is available on both Android and iOS systems. In this guide, we will assist you to download and install the latest 7XM APK version and eliminate any problems that may occur, so that you can enjoy thousands of games as fast as possible.


For Android:

  1. Please visit on your mobile phone
  2. Please click the Android robot icon (yellow arrow pointed)
  3. Allow your phone to download from an unknown source
  4. When finished, go to the home page and enter the app

Why Can’t I Download 7XM APK?

If you cannot download 7XM APK, the first thing you must do is check the source. If it is from Google Play, then we must tell you a fact: Casino gaming apps are currently banned from the Google Play store, so there’s a good chance your download source has some issues.

7xm games

To install successfully on your Android phone, you must download our official apk file. If the installation still fails, we have summarized the possibilities as follows:

 The installation cannot be a process

  • Storage is full: If the installation stops halfway, check to see if your phone has enough storage for the application.
  • Permission: You must have administrator rights to install the file (not as a visitor), and if you can’t, switch to administrator rights and try again.
  • Allowing an unknown source: If you don’t enable an unknown source installation, the download won’t work, go to [Settings] >> [security] >> [Unknown Source programs] >> [Enable on your phone].

 Error when trying to enter the casino game

Make sure if you have multiple casino games ongoing, you can only play one at a time. Also, be sure to have a stable network connection. If too many applications are on, it may negatively affect the quality of your connections.

 I downloaded APK, but where is it?

Different mobile phones are placed it in different locations, most of the time the file will be placed in the “Download” folder, it is recommended to search directly to see the location of your phone APK.

  I tried everything but none of them help

If the above methods fail to solve your problem, please try to close all error messages and the game, and restart the game, if the problem persists, please contact our customer service and provide the following information:

  • Do you play in a browser, or on APK?
  • Where do you download this APK?
  • Date and time
  • A screenshot or the content of a message in which an error occurs
  • Your account ID

If you download successfully, congratulations! Come and play a slot machine right away! 7XM has a lot of fun games waiting for you. If you haven’t registered yet, check out 7XM Register/Log in Guide, which has a complete guide to help you register step by step.

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